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Dad and Son Fabrication

D & S Fabrication provides comprehensive welding solutions to the greater Knoxville area. We’re a family-owned company that believes in sound business principles.We believe in consistent quality and putting our customers first. Jason Loyd is a Certified Welder with over 13 years experience! We focus on Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Stick, Heliarc and Flux Core welding. We even offer mobile welding services. If you need us to come to your job site, apartment complex, restaurant, kitchen, boat dock, farm or home we offer great rates! Our in shop rate is $35 an hour with a 1 hour minimum charge. Our mobile rate is $75 an hour also with a 1 hour minimum charge.

Dad and Son Fabrication

At D&S Fabrication, we weld all types of metal. If it's steel, stainless steel, or aluminum we can weld it. We also offer fabrication services to meet your needs. We can fix or fabricate most anything you'll ever need or want. We concentrate on the metal preparation aspects (such as sawing tubing to length, bending sheet metal or plate), welding, and assembly. Some of our recent projects include custom iron fences for commercial or residential applications, repairing cracked lawn mower decks, sealing leaky exhausts, welding cracked motorcycle manifolds, fabricating custom raised dump beds, replating flat bed car haulers, creating custom stainless smoke stacks for your diesel, fabricating subframe connectors for your camaro or mustang. We perform repairs on all kinds of equipment such as car washes, trailers, loaders, backhoes, combinations, paving machines, etc... D&S Fabrication all offers fence and gate repair/fabrication. We can fabricate almost any fence, gate, or railing you can imagine. We even do custom balcony fabrication, custom decking, steel & aluminum ladders, catwalks, ladders with safety cages, steel & aluminum platforms, steel & aluminum framing / frames, vaults and more. We can repair your equipment on-site or in-shop, whatever is convenient for you. It doesn't stop there. If you want some mounting brackets built for your motorcycle or something we haven't mentioned just stop by or call and ask for Jason Loyd. He is a certified welder for hire. No job is to big or to small, we do it all. While you are here please check out some of the service jobs and applications we work on every day. Whether large or small, if it involves welding or metal fabrication, we can handle it and welcome the opportunity to quote your project.


Custom Handrails
Have a handrail idea? We have a way to bring it to life. Handrails are one of our favorite jobs. All railings are fabricated properly to meet local municipal code.

Entrance Gates
We can custom build steel fencing, security and personal access gates, including ornamental ones, according to your specifications.

Dumpster Doors
Many commercial sites require a dumpster enclosure. Let us fabricate the doors to satisfy this need. We make dumpster doors custom to fit your size requirements.
Heavy Equipment Repair
We have extensive experience in heavy equipment repairs, such as fixing cracks, replacing worn brackets, replacing bucket teeth/shanks, restoring cutting blades, replacing worn pins and hard facing. Dump trucks and 18-wheeler rigs can also be repaired; we are able to replace worn items, broken latches, cracks and tailgates.
Pipeline Installation and Repair
We have well equipped mobile rig and a certified pipe welder who will complete your pipe line job with ease.
Restaraunt Equipment
Need some fabrication or repair of your stainless steel restaurant equipment? Not a problem! We have experience in modifying and repairing stainless steel tables, shelving, vent hoods and caseworks to improve the looks and function of your kitchen equipment.
Custom Bumpers and Racks
We can fabricate heavy-duty bumpers and racks to accomodate winches or other special needs that will outlast your vehicle. We would be delighted to install or customize a bumper. We can weld together store-bought Weld-It-Yourself (WIY) bumper kits.
Frame and Roll-Cage Fabrication and Repair
We can fabricate, modify or repair a custom frame of any sort according to your desires. Some examples of our abilities include applying a roll cage made of high-end chromally tube frames or repairing your rusted project car.
Trailer Repair and Customization
We are fully capable of repairing all of your trailer mishaps, including lights, springs, axels, bearings, couplers, ramps and latches. Of course, we would be happy to make any custom modifications you may desire as well.
Boat Repair and Accessories
We have experience fixing aluminum jon boats and pontoon boats. We are also able to fabricate custom fishing towers, leaning posts or modify existing rails.
Metal Art, Junk Art, & Yard Art
We are able to design custom pieces. We can plasma cut images by hand or create pieces from nearly anything. Pieces adorn flower gardens, fire places, and decorate your home. We can create custom wine racks, plant holders, door props and more.
BBQ pits, Grills, & Patio Furniture
Let us build you a custom firepit/grill combo. Maybe you need a sturdy patio awning or gazebo? Maybe you need some new patio furniture?
Small Equipment Repair
Anytime you have small equipment failure, such as cracked, broken or rusted mower decks, bush hogs, tillers and tractors, we would be delighted to restore these for you.
Custom Key Holders
Almost every home has a key holder or pet leash holder! Let us build you a custom one.
Miscellaneous Custom Work
We have the ability to create some pretty off-the-wall projects for our clients! We've fabricated custom pipes and brackets for Jet-ski's, solar-powered go-carts, bird perches, custom ramps, plasma tv brackets and broken motorcycle parts. Let us know what your project ideas are, no matter how crazy, and we will work with you and try our best to make sure it gets done!

There are many different types of welding. But, when it comes to the types of welding most often used to build and fix things... There are really 3 main types MIG, TIG, and Stick (also known as Arc). Another welding process Worthy of mention is Flux Core.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding excels at stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, cobalt, and copper alloys. TIG welding requires the metal to be pretty clean. It typically takes longer to complete jobs but yeilds the best looking "stack of dimes" beaded weld joints. TIG welding is probably the most versatile type of welding there is because almost any metal can be TIG welded.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is usually the best choice for general fabrication of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum because of its faster travel speeds and the ability to tack weld with one hand. Faster travel speeds generally lower the overall cost of the job to the customer while still providing quality and structurally sound weld joints. Maybe you need us to MIG weld you up a bumper kit like this one Jody over at Welding Tips And Tricks bought from JCR OffRoad. There are plenty of places that offer "Weld-It-Yourself" (WIY) bumper kits. You can even find some on Ebay. If you'd like us to try and locate one for your vehicle, call us. We'll gladly weld them together for you. We can even custom fabricate step rails, headache racks, luggage racks, ladder racks, canoe/kayak racks, and more to fit your needs.

Weld It Yourself (WIY) Bumper Kits

Stick / Arc welding is still considered king for outdoor applications because misting rain or gusty winds don't stop the show. The metal surface also does not have to be nearly as clean.

People ask all the time if anyone actually still uses stick welding. Shows like monster garage and orange county choppers give the impression that the only type of welding done anymore is TIG & MIG. But that’s not true at all. There are still tons and tons of 6010 and 7018 being used every year to weld pipe, build bridges, fix tractors, and create yard art. Stick welding is here to stay because it is such a robust process. If you are outside in the wind or misting rain, or underneath a tractor trailer frame that is covered in oil and dirt Stick welding will be the best choice. It has stood the test of time.

Flux core welding is used extensively on heavy equipment manufacture, pipe welding, ship production and all kinds of things where high quality welds along with high production speeds are important.

At D&S Fabrication we offer bending services. We have added a JD Squared Model 32 bender to our shop recently. It is a super heavy duty bender targeted at racecar builders, rock crawlers, 4x4 owners, and those needing high quality wrinkle free bends. With it's large capacity and hydraulic ram we can bend round tubing and pipe from 1/2" to 2 1/2" O.D. and square tubing from 1/2" to 1-1/2". Our bender is rated to bend 2" o.d. x .250" wall DOM steel tubing. It is also capable of bending solid steel up to 1 1/2" diameter. Thanks to our hydraulics we can bend round tubing over 2" o.d. x .120" wall, square tubing over 1 1/2" or solids over 1" diameter. Perhaps we can build you a roll cage, custom bumper, or bull bar? If you'd like to see the Model 32 in action here's a video.

We also recently added a tubing roller. This tubing roller allows us to do long gradual and large radius bends. Between the bender and roller we can bend just about anything you'll need. If you'd like to see the SwagOffRoad modified Harbor Freight Tubing Roller kit we use, here's a video.

Partial Equipment List

When it comes to welding there are a multitude of metals in use. You don't have to be an expert on what you have to get it repaired. That's where we come in. It doesn't matter if it's a new build, custom fabrication, or simple patch job. We're here to help. Just to give you a few examples of the different types of materials and common places you might find them, we've put together some lists below.

Carbon and low alloy steels (like 1010 steel or 4130 chromoly)

Stainless Steel (like 301, 304, 316, 321, 17-4, 410)

Nickel alloys (like hastelloy and inconels)

Aluminum alloys (like 3003, 5052, and 6061 t6)

Magnesium alloys (like AZ31b or magnesium castings like AZ92A or EZ33A)

Titanium alloys (like 6al4v or commercially pure titanium)

Cobalt alloys (like l605, satellite 6b, or Haynes 188)

Copper alloys (like nibral bronze, pure copper, or aluminum bronze)